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The Notepad Coder Studio for .Net Framework 6.0

DotNet and InsertTM Technology maximizes uses of Visual Basic as the main language.

Master writing code natively at .Net Framework 6.0

Computer Scientists, Teachers and Engineers -- Welcome to the world of done by hand. Notepad Coder lets you master coding.

The very first 64-bit compiler functionality now at Notepad Coder IDE.

Develop application with comprehension

Remember Visual Studio 2022? Whats the difference between the two? For them its visually mastered edition of mine. Anyway there will be time that you need to move to them.

When will it be? When you grow... Anyway RECOMMENDED.


Rapid Application Development (RAD) Software Technology

The Designer technology of CodeBase.IO develops User Interface and convert it to code instantly. The system uses the latest technology builds by Microsoft and other companies.

Create 64-Bit Application Software using Singularity Logic and Template

The template lets you study startup codes at dotnet. Now, the program only uses two files to create and compile application codes.

Everything you need to learn is at one page code. ENJOY!

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