Rapid Application Development (RAD) Software Technology

The Music Player was developed using Notepad Coder and the RAD Technology helps convert to code instantly. The system uses the latest technology builds by Microsoft and other companies at .Net Framework 6.0.


Written natively at .Net Framework 6.0 using Visual Basic

Welcome to the world of done by hand by Notepad Coder. Writing and mastering code of softwares using simple text is great learning.

The very first 64-bit Music Player is now at Notepad Coder IDE.

Download Lawrence Music Player

The music player is very simple and easy to use. To Use Add Files and Folder by selection or group. Double-Click to Play...


The Notepad Coder Studio for .Net Framework 6.0

DotNet and InsertTM Technology maximizes uses of Visual Basic as the main language.

One of the First 64-Bit Application Software using Singularity Logic and Template

The race begins now on writing 64-bit applications at .Net Framework

Everything you need starts now. ENJOY!