CodeBase Input/Output (I/O)

CodeBase IO lets you design projects easily and can be understand by anyone. It is the analogy to understand binary systems. Its famous chord is G-Global and the music can be heard by generation and generation to come.

2022 CodeBase IO Electronics

True to Life Applications of CodeBase IO

Giant Clocks, Traffic Lights and Elevators are common examples of products in which codebase-io can be more practical and naturalistic in approach.

New! VB.NET HTML5 and CSS3 Tutorials! NEETS ALSO!


Lights Control and Mains
with Tablet Technology

$10M Control your lights and mains using a Touch screen tablet with Windows. Written in VB.Net and Option Explicit is the priority. View

Details: Here   /   Video

2022 CodeBase IO Electronics

Power Line Monitoring System with Human Machine Interface (HMI) using PC

$10M Monitoring using HMI PC-based design connects to different AC and DC sensors to improve efficiency.

2022 CodeBase IO Electronics

Ten Level Water Monitoring using Windows 7

$10M Using the latest IT technology and infrustructure, Boilers and Water Levels now can be detected using computers.

2022 CodeBase IO Electronics

Binary Input (BI)

Input ground to the computer means ON and the program language like QB, Visual Basic 6.0 and .Net (C# and Visual Basic) can be used to process the signal.

INP(889) lets you understand input devices if the address is 889

Binary Output (BO)

+5v (logic 1) and GND (logic 0) can be seen to the Pins.

Applications: Switches, Relays and Lamps

Quick Input and Output (IO) explanation

INPUT -> Processes done by the computer -> OUTPUT: Switch any portion, put indicators ON or OFF or send signals to any remote and next devices.


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